Fishbone is Red Hot like Everyday Sunshine

Fishbone is Red Hot like Everyday Sunshine

Fishbone Documentary Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone (Cinema Guild) tells the tale of how Norwood Fisher (Bass/Vocal – 1979 present) and Angelo Moore (Vocals/Sax 1979 -present) kept Fishbone together since the beginning to present day. Being a white suburban punk I was lucky enough to have caught them from the onset of their journey. Can’t say I stayed dedicated their whole career but with respect I went on to do my thing and thanks to them discovered a lots music with a open mind. This documentary features a slattering of rock star power and fandom from Iced-T, to Flea, Mike Watt, to Vernon Ried talking about how for them Fishbone set the bar. Watching this I quickly reminded how Norwood exploited the bass with his own funkiness as if it owed him which affected me in many ways when I started learning the instrument. Their energy was so influential to my sense of what a good time at show is; it still to this day is a feeling that’s never been topped by any other live band except for maybe Jane’s Addiction and a couple others. They set the bar so high that even they can’t seem to reach the altitude again and this documentary does a great job of portraying this wall of talent. There is hope as well from the underside of the “rock” dream where the notion conflicts with a bunch talented guys who slowly dispersed with having a hard time of finding acceptance even amongst their own culture. Laurence Fishburne says it best “They brought the funk to the punk”. If you ever wondered how a Artist works through their broken dreams this film gives you a hard glimpse into this world of break-downs and the insanity of it all. Unfortunately depending on your greatness it’s a intense journey that some artist don’t survive. In the end you’re rooting for them hoping the original line-up can get back together to make another record or play one mother fucking amazing show.

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Give It Up MP3 by Fishbone from In Your Face (1987)

A few of the bands in the documentary:
Organic Anti-Beat Box Band MP3 by Red Hot Chili Peppers from The Uplift Mofo Party Plan (1987)
Group Sex MP3 by Circle Jerks (1980)
Up The Beach MP3 by Jane’s Addiction from Nothing Shocking (1988)

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