Bass-wreckin’ Mike Watt as Hyphenated-Man

Bass-wreckin’ Mike Watt as Hyphenated-Man

Mike Watt Hyphenated Man
We did a post a few months ago back in the 2011 about the best bassplayers however it was incomplete list because we subconsciously some how left off bass wreckin’ Mike Watt. Our readers quickly pointed out the error. Jesuz H Christ me off all people can’t ignore the 10×10 original photo I have of the man wearing his chucks sitting on a comfortable chair in my downstairs bathroom. If I can get a good scan I’ll post the photo. It’s pretty cool. Whole story there how I came about it but for now lets focus on this punk innovator. My favorite thing about him is his attitude towards the bass instrument. He never has shown mercy for the thing. I’ve seen him breaking strings and not even pause. The mother-effer just keeps playing whatever he gots. He might was well be playing some rocks he found in Pedro. He’d still make better music than anything being as passed off as punk rock these days. Anyway you get the point. Here’s a few from the archives and one from his 2011 release Hyphenated-man. The man qualifies as a living legend.

MP3 Downloads:
belly-stabbed-man by Mike Watt from Hyphenated-Man. [Buy It]
Down With The Bass by fIREHOSE from Flyin’ The Flannel
Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs by Minutemen from What Makes A Man Start Fires?
Fetch The Water by MinuteFlag

Minutemen & Black Flag

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