The Ramones Rocket To Russia 1977

Ramones Rocket To Russia - Sire - 1977

Ramones Rocket To Russia - Sire - 1977

Hard to believe Rocket to Russia by The Ramones came out 34 years ago today in 1977! I first spun this record 8 years after it’s release. This is the one and only Ramones record in my humble opinion to own. It’s a dirty shame cancer took Johnny and Joey Ramone. I know I need to go get my prostate checked. So let this be my and your reminder because there will never be a band making like this ever again.

01) Cretin Hop MP3
02) Rockaway Beach MP3
03) Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
04) Locket Love MP3
05) I Don’t Care MP3
06) Sheena Is A Punk Rocker MP3
07) We’re A Happy Family MP3
08) Teenage Lobotomy MP3
09) Do You Wanna Dance MP3
10) I Wanna Be Well
11) I Can’t Give You Anything MP3
12) Ramona MP3
13) Surfin’ Bird MP3
14) Why Is It Always This Way MP3

Couple Ramones Covers:
Life Is A Gas (Ramones Cover) MP3 by The Strokes
Pet Cemetary (Ramones Cover) MP3 by Parallels

Other Classic Records:
Minisitry: Industrial sounds like The Land of Rape & Honey

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