Protest Songs for Denizens

Protest Songs for Denizens
Wall Street Protest Songs

The Revolution will be televised eventually...

“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.” -Seneca

I was wondering that there really are no new and worthy protest songs these days. It was cool that Jeff Magnum used the Wall Street Protest as a platform to make for a good street acoustic performance but really there is no new content to speak of. Ken Kesey, Joe Strummer, U2 and REM said their thing decades ago. So it seems that protesting is for people who don’t work (can I protest that too? ). I know that they more than likely are students or don’t have jobs for one reason or another but considering how fast the social media pace works who knows if we’ll ever hear a good protest song. The messages are mixed and are quickly being simplified into a media meme. Airline pilots and unions are taking the opportunity to revitalize their platforms and take stand against the very reason they should exist. “Shit the government should be able to balance a fucking check-book right” said one angry black man in a viral video I saw. A blessing really that this small army of individuals decided to take a stand because there is a reason we don’t put regular Joe’s in charge of the masses but then again we elected one and he’s been getting crush by perception. Really a big challenge considering we’ve let the financial system of lobbyist be in control for quite some time. Our “leaders” have been letting the people get ripped-off for quite sometime so it’s really a matter of time before our blood runs out or has it already? I think the transfusion is over and this is the tipping point. There are things you while being inspired by music that you can do. Maybe something as simple as switching your money from one of the big four banks to a smaller local bank so you don’t incur a service fee to keep more some of your money or live by cash and not use the convenience of credit cards. Buy what you can truly afford to buy. Although I would like to error on the side of some guy yelling at me with me a megaphone to be complacent. The actions can be subtle. One tactic that might work my dear sheeple is to just do something in your own private way is the point. I mean seriously when is the last time you gave a cop a hug or gave a complete stranger a random act of kindness. I think we just all really want the opportunity to have the things we want but without rules that govern those that have everything. How can we all exist is metaphorical slaves of the machine? This is a class war and the ironic part is that those with very little think they are one of them and that’s just shows you how stupid the masses can be convinced by things that don’t matter in the end.

Post Cold War Politics MP3 by Fishbone from In Your Face (1986)

Blueprint MP3 by Fugazi from Repeater (1990)

Revolution Rock MP3 by The Clash from London Calling (1979)

Let’s Have A War MP3 by FEAR.

You Can Make It If You Try MP3 By Sly & The Family Stone (1969)

What’s ond of your favorite protest song?

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