Nevermind Some Nirvana Covers

Nevermind Some Nirvana Covers

Nirvana covers - halloween photo

Nirvana dressed for a white wedding

Breed (Nirvana Cover) by Titus Andronicus. Spin put a 20 year Nevermind comp out a little while back and I was surprised that TA broke their formula on this where they sound like a really rocking band versus a rowdy/horsy version of Crooked Fingers. Complete with octave pedal. Pretty good.

Territorial Pissings MP3 (Nirvana Cover) by Local H. this is from a whole show of Nirvana covers. Kind of funny but if you think about it they are almost a tribute band. Sort of outing themselves.

Stay Away MP3 (Nirvana Cover) By Charles Bradley & The Menahan Street Band from the same Spin comp as TA. This is the best and most awesome cover on there. Funk/soul he’s got it all my friends

Hey Joe MP3 (Jimi Hendrix cover) by The Creation. If you never heard of this band you won’t have any excuses for getting into them now. Making Time is probably the song you’ve heard on the Rushmore sound track. This cover is from the same record called We are Painterman.

Guns of Brixton MP3 (The Clash Cover) by Jimmy Cliff w/ Tim Armstrong from Rancid. Amazing how The Clash championed reggae and the black community and related in a very blue collar way to working class plight which was a re-occurring theme with the band and the respective audiences. Funny enough I always thought of Rancid as as really great Clash Cover band and here he is producing one of the godfathers of the genre some 30 odd years later with music influencing music full circle.

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