Album Review: The Estatic Analog Magic of Casiokids

Album Review: The Estatic Analog Magic of Casiokids

Casio Kids album review Aabenbaringen over aaskammen

We have no clue what Aabenbaringen over aaskammen means...

ALBUM REVIEW: Ok we lie, it’s Norwegian for roughly the “revelation over the mountain” but after a whole slew of singles this is technically their first end to end record after releasing piles of singles. I of course because I technically live in a cave on the weekend and during the week untangle a mountain of real work related riddles & sniglets it’s no surprise i never heard of them but thankfully I’m on Polyvinyl’s distro list so some sort of culture does make it my way. In order to describe this group we’ll need to take you into our 80’s time machine bit by bit. In order to confirm what the big corporate mags are onto. Quickly line-up if your a Kid A Moon Safari or Kraftwerk fan. We’re going take you a little deeper but not Autobahn deep (Ok maybe that is another lie). We’re going to keep it to one hot summer in 1986 or 88 and my Walkman was playing a couple OMD tracks, a bunch of Scottish songs by APB and even some DM. I know a girlfriend was making me listen to Yaz and I countered with APB. Anyway, Electronic pop is the kind of music that you either hate or like it very little as much as you do meaningless anagrams which happens to be another language. There is certain sense of soundscape artistry that vocalist Ketil Kinden Endresen has explained is a “result of them expanding their palette”. We’re not all about the grunge on the RS blog but however you want to explain these Casiokids make some pretty good ecstatic music. We get it. One day it will be re-interpreted music for time travel. We do think their is a need for analog electro pop music and just spacing-out in general with the sweet sounds of Casio’s holding down those giant monotone notes. Enjoy.

Det haster! MP3 by CasioKids from Aabenbaringen Over Aaskammen

Something about this bands sounds man:
Shoot You Down MP3 APB

Da Da Da MP3 by Trio (Ich Lieb Dich Nitch Du)- 1982

Souvenir MP3 by OMD

Pocket Calculator MP3 by Kraftwerk from Computer World (1981)

We’re Looking For A Lot Of Love MP3 by Hot Chip With Robert Wyatt & Geese

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