Single Review Male Bonding Mercury NYC Aug 29

Single Review Male Bonding Mercury NYC Aug 29

SINGLE REVIEW: Record store geeks are aware Tame the Sun kills amps and vinyl stock from Male Bonding’s Endless Now. This is a virtual high-five over to magician/producer John Agnello, or at least until I see him at the Mercury Lounge show this coming August, 29 2011. This track first leaked via Spin and it’s pretty awesome. Sub Pop’s Male Bonding have all the right ingredients and hooks in this tune. Starts-off with a dirty-gritty ampeg bass and just takes off to outer space from there. The vocals have a my bloody valentine mix and execution approach but just up enough and double tracked with swirly oohs and ahhs further adding fuel to this brash pop with a very fine balance of guitar monster riffage. Where’s the previous release Nothing Hurts hid all the details right under the hiss of the cassette at times making us shove our ears to the speakers to imbibe what was going on. From the first melody this one sails you through the tune as the guitars swing and thrash to the end as not to compete to their no frills indie rock and is exactly what I’d hoped for as follow-up. Check it out!

Single Review Male Bonding Endless Now Sub Pop

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Tame the Sun MP3 from Endless Now by Male Bonding [Order It]

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