American Independence & 4th of July Songs

American Independence & 4th of July Songs

American US upside down flag

...And we want to be free to kick out the jams

It used to be that there was nothing more American than beer, bar-b-ques, Air Conditioners, TVs, car washes, and rock music. You could always count on things that were made proudly in the good ole’ U.S.A. We know where this went. However, the one thing though that will always remain true is on this very short playlist is american made rock-n-roll until they figure out how to outsource that shit. Ok with the exception of the U2 track you know what I am getting at. Here’s some choice ones. Happy 4th!

Kick Out The Jams MP3 by The MC5
4th Of July MP3 by U2 from Unforgettable Fire
Youth of America MP3 by The Wipers
American Heavy Metal Weekend MP3 by The Circle Jerks from Wonderful
Surfin bird bird is the word MP3 by The Trashmen

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