Mala in Se Noise Rock from Ohio

Mala in Se Noise Rock from Ohio

Mala in Se is this metal punk noise outfit from Cincinnati, Ohio which could be art if you consider huge cannon like nailguns something you’d want to hang in a audio gallery. This is what the music sounds like. Have no fear for a trio they sound like 10 men battling to an epic death with their guitars on fire on Phratry Records. If you like the boredoms you surely will pick up on the strangeness of music that Mala in Se sculp. Not sure what the hell the band name means but they do their thing fast too with classic thrash style tweeps and twerp notes that will fuck with the sense of what you think your inner metal actually is. Decide for yourself but enter exposition at your own risk.

Disease Auction MP3 by Mala in Se – self titled. [ Get some ]

Other experimental sonic art metal stuff:
Bo Go MP3 by Boredoms from Pop Tatari
Lucky Star MP3 Tristan Psionic from TPA Flight 028. This a Canadian band Aviso’Hara played with once at The Bug Jar in Rochester, NY. They really made the show a lot of fun. Total energy which brought up our game. If you like the sonic youth you’ll love these guys. They were on Sonic Unyon.

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