Dumbo Gets Mad with Elephant At The Door

Dumbo Gets Mad with Elephant At The Door

Via Italy Dumbo Gets Dog's Elphant At The Door

ALBUM REVIEW: If you like psychedelic rock too much then ignore this because you’ll be addicted to Dumbo Gets Mad’s sounds from tail to snout on Elephant At The Door from the first walk. Wedging itself on the wake of some big bass riff from the get go on “Plumy Tale” the undertow will drag you right in. What makes this record believable is that no computer chips were used in the raw recording of this music. It’s not laptop rock and was executed with care via Big Panda Records. This singing and keyboard sounds are vintage late 60’s- early 70’s analog so it’s all very authentic halogenated reverb. Imagine your in a sexy leopard pleather lounge called “San Tropez”. In this futuristic situation your inhaling the best of imported air at this purest oxygen bar from 2011. Listening to this collection of psychadelia – kicking back feeling the pulse of speakers vibrate your very sensitive eardrums. It’s blissful.

Distributed as a Free digital download the vinyl is available for you audiowhores who deserve these type of Meddle like soundscapes that a blind man could surf too — so I would get on this and buy some stock. Yup that’s right they aren’t super heavy but definitely amplify the volume when required. At time it reminds me of Pink Floyd jams and other moments it’s sweet like lemon iced tea made from some lost mountain spring. Maybe just the gear they are using where certain moog settings are unswappable it feels like another successful genre retro-record with enough variety you might find at your regular whirling dervish bionic hashish market. Other times it’s a Jonestown Massacre happening and a little female birdy is telling you to set your ears on right because the dream and feeling is real. Take it for a ride.

Eclectic Prawn MP3 Dumbo Gets Dog. Great bass and keyboard jams on this track. [Get the vinyl]

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