Shellac Vs Bubblegum Thunder

Shellac Vs Bubblegum Thunder

Shellac The Rude Gesture a pictorial history

I know how Albini loves digital. In respect i ripped this from the actual 7″. This is Shellac’s first record and first pressing. Each cover is created by hand so each is unique.

The Guy Who Invented Fire b/w Rambler Song MP3’s

Bubblegum Thunder Albini Basement

Bubblegum Thunder Albini's Basement

I’ll get the artwork scanned if I have it but below are two songs from Bubblegum Thunder‘s third 7″ on Model Rocket Records. Shortly after this came out I joined the band for awhile to play bass. Before that they were a tuned down trio with no bass player. So to make it one lower I came in. Total blast playing with Joseph, Sandor and Brett. This was recorded by Steve Albini winter of 94′ and released that summer. The photo above was from a return trip to record a full length with Albini in summer of 95’ sometime. I remember camping out and drinking some cheap-ass beer in the can on the way there and waking up with a pounding headache like no other. Also got to play the world famous Lounge Ax while we were there. This music will not help cure hangovers that but you will wish you were drunk. It’s pretty rocking stuff if you like the Cows, Poster Children or Don Caballero chances are you’ll dig this. The link above has more.

Cheater b/w Coward MP3’s

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