Introducing mellow Billy Alpha & Eleanor Murray

Introducing mellow Billy Alpha & Eleanor Murray

Billy Alpha Radical Hips

Billy Alpha Radical Hips

Album Review Radical Hips(EP): You never know what the week will bring sometimes. Either you’re in luck and you find money in a pocket or your inbox has a note from an old friend. Please meet Billy Alpha via Yab Yum Records. Most north Jerseyites know him from The Alphamales or his is more recent joint WJ & The Sweet Sacrifice. Solo and in his room Billy sings songs about his alarm clock as his girl makes sad faces on his arm. There are no solos just a man buried and hunkered over his acoustic guitar only reaching out to take a swig of some booze from a dirty glass that Bruce Springsteen may have touched once. The deep voice sounds somewhat like Nick Cave or Elvis but mellower walking you home in a wet silent snowy night. Where you may hear what silence sounds like. These are songs for the end of the night or the begining of your day depending on your alarm clock but if you listen carefully you can hear the clank of the beer bottles being cleaned up in-between chords and tracks.

MP3 I would never do that to you by Billy Alpha from Radical Hips (2010)

Album Review Eleanor Murray - oh, thunder

oh, thunder by Eleanor Murray

Album Review: Oh, Thunder by Olympia Washington’s songster and enchantress Eleanor Murray. The tremelo timber of her voice could easily kick start any campfire with a few chords. The film visual are burning embers each embodying a thought or feeling. This is her third release coming out on Bicycle Records and first I’ve ever listened to so I’m a bit of newb. One of the stand-out tracks word-wise is “When A Heart Becomes A Heart” in the tradition of folk addressing these feelings. Creating a definition to song about crying and honesty. Another is a track called “Scream” which is photographically introspective and has a great example of her vocal detail abilities caring the sentiment around in voice while you look at her under a photo loop. This is really quite good so if you if you are into something mellowliciously Nico check her out.

MP3 Scream by Eleanor Murray from Oh, thunder [Buy]

Bonus MP3 Tracks:
Jesus Of The Moon by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds from Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!! – Quit an awaking from this artist. Super mellow but yet totally musical and thick. You can hear the dust kicking in this song from the resurrected rock star.
Abschied by Nico(1938-1988) from Desertshore(1970). I have no idea what she is singing about since this track is in German but interesting to know that the heroine died after being mis-diagnosed from a heart attacked while cycling. Ms. Murray’s voice reminded me of her — somehow sad in some way but as expressive.

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