If only you were braindead thank you Black Angels

If only you were braindead thank you Black Angels

ALBUM REVIEW: Working too much. Too tired to write or listen to music most of the time. I am so pathetic but i did just manage to pick-up Phosphene Dream by The Black Angels. It’s killer psych and i am willing to sacrifice my will.

This is music without the need for acid and the hang-over. [Insert pot reference here] All of it is in here though with the audio experience via tremolo and lots of reverb and stereo panning. Better and bigger than Passover but just as trippy with citar riffs and puffy clouds of dust. Psychedelic slow rock for your dreams. I saw them play during the day time at the All Points West fest and was impressed. This music is better suited for a Apocalypse Now type soundtrack as it floats you down a river of chaos. The track “Telephone” is the only odd ball throwback on here in a jonestown massacre kind of way. I swear it’s a Kinks or Zombies cover. All the tracks are great though and worth a careful listen.

Check them out:
Bad Vibrations by The Black Angels [Buy]

More music like this shit:
The Innerspeaker of Tame Impala This is also on my top ten list for 2010.

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