Feed Me I love Trash 7 Inch EP

Feed Me I love Trash 7 Inch EP

Feed Me I love Trash

Feed Me I love Trash - Behemoth Records

NJ ROCK SCENE HISTORY: New Jersey has always been a breeding ground for so many amazing bands. The Feed Me I Love Trash record (1990) was put out by the Rodriquez brothers on their Behemoth Records label and is a artifact of the fact. Some of the bands made it out of the pond, some festered and stayed in town while others bred and get out there. The four bands featured on this compilation were Big Nurse, Blisters, Nudeswirl and Leather Studded Diaphram(aka LSD) who unbeknownst to them maybe brought a couple scenes together from New Brunswick and the Jersey shore starting a whole tradition of quality music and cross pollination of sounds and influences on this collectible piece of vinyl. Sure The Smithereens and others were a part of it too but what they all had in common was they played Court Tavern. Here is where they strutted their stuff a club that was open till 3AM on weekends. Those were long nights. All of these bands got drunk in the basement club way back in 1990, destroyed the paneled sealing over and over again and somehow ironically the place is still standing escaping taxes and corporate greed thanks to some serious and devoted music fans. The Court is still in business.

I miss the small back room bar where they used to serve up 16 oz margaritas for $5 bux or shots to candle light while bands blasted the front of the stage. They still make a stiff drink and if luck were a little different folks would be talking about the Hub City Rock City not Seattle but alas it took just one teenage spirit to change an industry that was doing just fine otherwise.

Download some MP3 Vinyl Trash:
1. Don’t Know Why by Big Nurse
2. Etude in D and C by Leather Studded Diaphram
3. Bitch n’ Moan by Blisters – PLAYING SAT DEC 25th w/ P.E.D!! at The Court Tavern. What year is it?
4. Ring Worm by Nudeswirl

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