Henry & Glenn Danzig Forever are lovers

Henry & Glenn Danzig Forever are lovers

ZINE COMIC REVIEW: Henry & Glenn Forever is no Boiled Angel or Judy Blume but it is pretty funny I will admit. I could not resist the premise of a couple 90’s indie superstars being wrung through the muck by some punk (Tom Neely). The diary entries and notes between characters are the funniest part which are hand scribbled. The artwork for exception of a few panels and cover is not so great sorry to say. The cover has obvious Pettibon sensibility and reference to Family Man spoken word cover art so if anything Danzig and Rollins should be most upset about the lack of likeness. But if you want to giggle their satantic neighbors John & Daryl Hall has potential and well making fun of Hank & Glenn is fun. You know one of them will at least deal with the truth or irony of these two muscle heads in a living situation even if it 15 years too late. Check out igloo tornado for more nonsense honestly was not a total waste of my $6 so thank you!

I know a bunch of tough guy punks and fathers these days with warn out Samhain and and black flag tattoos. Never met Glen Danzig but I did catch the rollin’s band on more than one occasion. Sometimes Hank was angrier than other times but always rocked the house at some point he could not be trusted anymore. Maybe that was when he turned 30 and announced the fact at the Fastlanes II show. The point is glad to see somebody took the time to actually print a book verses just posting it on the web on some lame blog. So punk points there.

The soundtrack for reading this book:
Hammer of the Gods from Danzig’s new record Deth Red Sabaoth. More metal than they started and has the sing along chorus parts you would expect. For fans of the dark metal this is decent update for Danzig. This record rips. The self titled track is like the others ballads Sistinas or Mother so you won’t be disapointed.
Twist Of Cain by Danzig s/t. Tons of sing-a-longs on this old record that somehow all drunk preppy guys know the lyrics for. Weird huh? [ Buy it ]
Slip It In by Black Flag s/t. If you got laid in Highschool to this album you are very punk. If you lasted all the way through the first song that is. [ Buy it ]
Lonely By The Rollins Bands from album Life Time. This is a classic record with more brow beating guitar, bass and drum pummeling your teen angst could ever handle. Amazing bass playing by Andrew Weiss hands down a master next to Flea and Bootsy Collins imho. if you do anything download this record. Buy it.

Bonus mp3:
Wartime from the album Fast Food for thought. Features Henry Rollins, Andrew Weiss, Theo Van Rock, Sim Cain by studio experimental band Wartime.

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