Live awesomology by The Supersuckers in Asbury Park

Live awesomology by The Supersuckers in Asbury Park

SHOW REVIEW: Thurs May 14th 2009. I know when I venture to a show like this I’ll see at least a few rock-n-roll addicts and sure enough Tom from the Stuntcocks was leading the pack, the guys from The Sex Zombies, Jeff Wood the record scavenger, a few other court tavern folks, and Jared from WRSU were all there to see Eddie Spaghetti and The Supersuckers do their thang. Opening the show were two loud local rock bands. First up was cutlass who sported three guitars which was cool and then followed by The Loose Roosters who were also good with a lemonheads/mudhoney/eddie vedder thing going on. Nothing compared to The Supersuckers who have survived some shit, paid their dues and will gladly take your money because they are a high-quality molten lava real rock-n-roll band. Last night’s performance at the only slightly cheesy Wonder Bar was no exception, sure it was a truck stop for them as they were heading over the pond to play with X and John Doe but who are we to complain. Well take a legendary band of this caliber anytime. I missed them last time and promised myself hell or high water I would go. The fuckers were loud, tight and brought everything you’d expect from living legends.
You know you’re having a good time when during the country portion of the show the drunk girl who was with one the opening bands gets flagged literally twice in a row by two different bouncers who were watching her make a fool of herself all night long.

They have the merch thing down as I totally got sucked into the vortex of buying a beer koozi to go with my collection of summertime bar-b-q accoutrements. No medium long sleeve pirate skull T-though which was a bummer but I’ll survive. Maybe next time fellas or just send me one. The most recent release Get It Together! on Mid-Fi Records comes with a DVD of a 90 minute performance in Anaheim, California so pick it up. I prefer the early classics from La Mano Carnuda and in this show they mixed em’ all in there perfectly like the master drink masters of sin. They also cranked out a Ramones cover to boot so all was good ladies and germs. A few show pics and video. If you’re my facebook friend there are a ton more there. Adios.

Beer Koozi autographed by the man himself. Thanks Eddie.

Run Like A Motherfucker – Sacrilicious
Rock-N-Roll Records Ain’t Selling This Year – Motherfuckers Be Trippin’
What it takes – Get It Together!

Remember the good book of awesomology.

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